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Corporate Training


Corporate Training

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Develop Productive and Professional Sales People who Sell Ethically

“Your organisation already spends a substantive budget on marketing; researching, advertising and promoting your products or services to find prospective customers. You already know the cost of attaining just one new customer. Let us help you to reduce the cost through professionally training your sales teams to sell more, retain more and develop lasting customer relationships.”

Our 4D Selling Process Training develops your teams into high performing salespeople who sell more, professionally and ethically, building that customer loyalty you need.

Cre­ate a World Class Cus­tomer Expe­ri­ence with Good Cus­tomer Service Training

customer service sliderPro­vid­ing a world-class cus­tomer expe­ri­ence is fun­da­men­tal to improv­ing and main­tain­ing high cus­tomer satisfac­tion scores, cus­tomer loy­alty, and cus­tomer longevity. Front line ser­vice employ­ees play a very important role in a com­pany suc­cess and deliver the processes. Even if automated processes are used, employee’s service and maintain these too.”


We can help create enthu­si­asm, restoring motivation and helping your organisation to strive to pro­vide the world-class expe­ri­ence that your cus­tomers seek. Our Good Customer Ser­vice unit will develop your talent to going above and beyond for cus­tomers, and pro­vid­ing the world class expe­ri­ence you want to deliver.

Communicate More Effectively at WorkCommunication slider

Effective communication skills are laced into every person specification and job specific competencies. Most often they are identified development needs found in appraisals and competencies reviews. They are often the skills that are ‘assumed’ and so often fail to hit the top line of the TNAs. Can you use a simple and effective training delivery unit for developing communication skills for your teams?

If so, our Communication Skills unit is a great medium to help the development of these essential skills. The unit will support most environments.

Your talent can undertake the online training for the full programme(s) or individual units as indicated.

Or, we can also deliver the full programme(s) or Unit(s) through physical delivery and/or blended learning provision.

CPD and Developing Multi-site Learning Provisions

The units and modules form an excellent flexible method of providing CPD for your talent. They are self contained and enable further expansion for most operational levels. The mode of delivery facilitates these units and awards utilisation across multi-site operations enabling standardisation of delivery for all of your people.

We may also be able to offer bespoke training provision, such as your specific product knowledge. We can also host your own developed training / learning objects or resources. Please contact us for further information.

All training is delivered in the English language [It may be possible to deliver with support in German and Bulgarian].

Please contact us for availability and pricing for these training interventions or any bespoke training.

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