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Do you want to sell more?   Do you want to get a new job in sales?   Do you want to develop your understanding and knowledge of selling?   Are you a small business owner who needs to sell more?    Do you need to know the basics of marketing?   Do you want to sell more of your business, products or services more effectively?   Do you need to market your business and its products or services better?


We provide online training through our specifically designed Learning Management System.

You will have available to you online; learning objects, learner activities, documents and pages for understanding, slideshows, video’s, training activities, quizzes, articles and links to further reading or information.

An end of unit test will be provided to assess your learning. Once you have successfully completed units of study we will provide a certificate of achievement, electronically.

You can study a number of individual units of study that contain bite-size learning objects. Or you can enrol and study for a complete programme such as the 4D Selling Process.

What is available now?

4D Selling Process for beginners [Complete 8 Unit programme that includes all the units listed below]

Unit 1: Make an Ethical and Legal Sale                                             Available online now!

Unit 2: 4D Selling Process                                                                  Available online now!

Unit 3: Good Customer Service                                                          Available online now!

Unit 4: Communication Skills                                                              Available online now!

Unit 5: Understanding the Buyers Needs                                           Available online now!

Unit 6: Making the Deal                                                                        Available soon!

Unit 7: Marketing Basics                                                                      Available online now!

Unit 8: Marketing your Service or Product                                          Available soon!

Each unit is a stand alone learning unit with individual recognition in the form of a record of achievement award. When all the units are completed then an overall programme award certificate is provided in addition to the individual unit awards.

How to Enrol

Select the programme or unit(s) you wish to train for.

Make your purchase through our cart.

When we receive notification of payment we will then enrol you on the programme or unit(s) selected.

You will then receive a notification email with your password and login details to our Learner Management System.







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