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4D Communication Skills


4D Selling Process

Communication Skills

The Four Communications Skills are;

  • Verbal Exposition: Oral Skills – the ability to communicate verbally
  • Listening Skills – the ability to understand what others verbally communicate
  • Thinking Skills – the ability to mentally process, when we seek to make sense of our experiences and to assimilate these into a meaning to us
  • Nonverbal – the ability to communicate without the use of verabl exposition, consciously and non-consciously
  • This unit aims to support learners in gaining the knowledge and understanding about the questioning and listening skills needed by salespeople, how and when to ask questions and how to demonstrate to the customer that you are listening.  The sales role requires the ability and skills to communicate information about products and / or services to customers both verbally and non-verbally and to build rapport.


9 Hour Training Programme

1 Multi-choice Exam

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