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4D Selling Process Beginners Programme

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4D Selling for Beginners         Diagnose, Determine, Define, Desire ©


This learning programme has been designed to suit learners working towards the Beginners Level 1 Course.  The description of the knowledge and understanding, application and action, and autonomy and accountability required of a learner at this level is indicated in the Course Specification below.

Course Specification

The description for this Beginners level is:

Upon the completion and achievement of this course the learner will be able to;

ü  use relevant knowledge, skills and procedures to complete routine sales tasks. This will include responsibility for completing sales tasks and procedures subject to direction or guidance.

ü  use knowledge of facts, procedures and ideas to complete well-defined, routine sales tasks.

ü  be aware of information relevant to the successful sales process .

ü  complete well-defined routine sales tasks.

ü  use relevant sales skills and procedures.

ü  select and use relevant information within a sales process.

ü  take responsibility for completing sales tasks and procedures subject to direction or guidance as needed.

Programme Modules

  • Unit 1: Make an ethical and legal sale
  • Unit 2: 4D Selling Process
  • Unit 3: Good customer service
  • Unit 4: Communication skills
  • Unit 5: Understanding the buyers needs
  • Unit 6: Making the deal
  • Unit 7: Marketing basics
  • Unit 8: Marketing your service or product


129 Hour Full Training Programme

Each Unit has 1 Multi-choice Exam

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